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I was born and raised in the USA but somehow landed living here in the northern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. It's a long, cool story to save for another time, but music has long been a part of my life and won't let me leave it alone.

I spent a lot of years doing music with a bunch of wonderful guys in a band called Foolish Things (inpop records,) and then ended up serving as one of the pastors in a church in Colorado. I know it sounds a bit cheesy and maybe far from reality to some, but Jesus is the big deal for me. I've become bored with everything if God's not plugged into Him -and even the most mundane things become more joyful when I find Him there.

These days I'm trying to progress in the Swedish language, working a bit at a grocery store, learning how to be a better husband, fathering 3 wonderful kids, playing music, teaching the bible and pastoring a church that meets in my living room. I try to make music that's food for the mind and wind for the sails of the heart -so maybe it will grow and move people towards their Maker.

This new record 'Because of You' is basically a bunch of worship songs themed on the different attributes (truths) of God. I wrote a book to go with the record called 'Who is God.' You can grab that on amazon or stop by my website for more info: