From Michael Fernando

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"Fernando's music is truly a mash-up of genres. Heavy doses of Train, O.A.R and Carbon Leaf with overtones of 311, Bruno Mars and even Kenny Chesney serve to keep listeners on their toes. There's even a hint of reggae-funk once in a while." - Lynnea Hunter, East Tennessean. Michael was born and raised in the foothills of East Tennessee. Always being the music lover growing up, he became inspired by his mother and older brother to begin playing guitar. His mother taught him his first song, "Wildwood Flower" at the age of 13. Since then, he has taught himself as well as always learning from the musicians he surrounded himself with. Michael has been singing his whole life, but only a few years ago did begin to do so in front of an audience. Writing music from the heart, his songs portray emotions from loves lost, found, or imagined, finding yourself, or just everyday life. If you like what you hear, the full album is available for purchase below.