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The essence of Rap and Hip-Hop emanates from conflict and struggle. Born on the stark streets of Bronx, New York in the late 1970’s, a cultural revolution of epic proportions began to take root and spread like wildfire. This new, primal form of self-expression became the mouthpiece and catharsis for a generation of disaffected urban youth across the nation. While many rap artists exploited this burgeoning art form to celebrate lifestyles steeped in womanizing, drug use and gang violence, a peculiar crop of emcees soon came upon the scene to rap about a different kind of struggle.

Raised in the heart of Oakland, California, Andre Woods wasn’t immune to the many temptations the streets presented to him. After years of using and selling drugs, as well as many of the other clichés that so profoundly affect urban communities, Andre began to realize the damage he was doing to himself and others. He immersed himself in music as a way to escape the trappings of street life. Ironically, this newfound interest in music pulled him further into that which he was trying to leave behind. He soon began a downward spiral resulting from extensive drug use, sexual promiscuity and gang-related violence which led him to the spiritual stronghold of Gangsta Rap music, one of the most destructive forces he would ever encounter.

Realizing that the only way out of this lifestyle was either death or life in prison, something inside of him knew he had to change. In 2002, Andre Woods found a new life in Jesus Christ. Like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon, Andre Woods was miraculously transformed from Gangsta rapper into B-Fade, an acronym which stands for “Be Faithful and Dedicated Everyday.”

With a nationwide evangelistic ministry, B-Fade has spread the gospel through music across the United States and has worked alongside some of Christian Rap’s most well-known names – Blanca (from Group 1 Crew), Kierra Sheard, V-Rose, Bizzle as well as CCM artists Lincoln Brewster and For King and Country. B-Fade is no longer a product of his environment; no longer captivated by the bondage which once held him hostage. As a “Man On Fire,” B-Fade has a burning desire to share the love of the God who transformed him.

On his first national release for Trendency Records and Pray Area Records entitled All Things Are Possible, B-Fade brings together a tenacious roster of artists and producers including V-Rose, Black Knight, Spec, Trendency label mates Keno Camp, R-Swift and K-Drama, among others. Standout tracks include “We Live It” featuring Black Knight, “Like Him” and “We Got It” featuring Keno Camp.