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1- Shine (from the album Thin Little Veil)

2- Be The Change (from the album Thin Little Veil)

3- Periphery (from the album Periphery)

4- In Between (from the album Periphery)

5- Don't Die With Your Music (from the album Pour It On)

6- Believe the Bird (unplugged and unreleased)

7- (W)Hole in the World (unplugged and unreleased)


Bob's grand goal for making music is about shifting consciousness, world-wide. How is that is possible? PLAY IT FORWARD, one song at a time! It's that simple. This music is indescribable, but the feeling that stays with you is as timeless as a reminder of life's intense beauty, a memory of the deep connection that we all share, a call to love and be loved. So download any or all of the songs here (there are 2 brand new, unreleased acoustic songs too!).

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REBECCA MATIAS - INTUITIVE BUSINESS & SUCCESS COACHâ„¢, SPEAKER, AUTHOR Bob Sima is an iconic legend who has the powerful ability to create positive transformation with the medium of his music. Each song is a timeless masterpiece, leaving an infectious legacy within each soul. The love present in each of Bob's performances is easily palpable as lives are deeply impacted and the connection within the audience profound. Even just one encounter with Bob Sima's music will have a lasting ripple effect not only on your life, but on the lives of those around you. For as you are imprinted and inspired you become the inspiration for others. I am beyond grateful for this man's lyrics and unmatched musical talent to be a staple in my life as I know the power his magnificent music has to transform any moment into a miracle.

CHRISTINE KLOSER - "THE TRANSFORMATION CATALYST" AND AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR Music has always been an integral part of my life. But I had no idea just how integral it could be until I met and heard Bob Sima. The most powerful, moving and transformational music on the PLANET. This is why I buy his CDs as gifts, have him perform at my client events, and support his mission and message as much as I can. A beautiful human being, a powerful catalyst for these amazing times we live in.

REV MICHELLE WADLEIGH - SENIOR MINISTER - CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING NORTH JERSEY Bob Sima is a true lyricist. He seduces your heart with his stories and words and soothes your soul with his music and voice. He carries an abundance of unassuming talent in the body of a humble and beautiful man. My community has never responded so enthusiastically before to a new musician. What a blessing to inspirational music.

SUSIE W You have an innate ability to hit the mark on such personal, big (yet ordinary) life moments we all go through. The layers of soothing music that bring those words home never fails to move me.Our journey has been enriched by the awesome music you've brought to us. We really thank you!! It opened up conversations and hearts that were ready to share.

R DIGNAN - CORPORATE RETREAT LEADER The songs you sang transfixed the crowd and me. What that means to me is that you have the talent to take people into the Present. When a crowd is transfixed they are not in past/future thoughts. You are living/performing what our group is desiring for - more "Present" in their lives. You are a Present teacher. You heal with music.

AMY O This music speaks to my heart. Bob has carefully captured the essence of life in his lyrics. Even my four children know and love Bob's music!

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