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Brandi Carlile & Old Crow Medicine Show

Singer/Songwriter : Indie

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The Avett Brothers, Willie Nelson, Mumford & Sons, Indigo Girls


Seattle, WA / Nashville, TN

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Comprised of songs inspired by faith, heartache, addiction, childhood, accidental piano chords and thunderstorms, BEAR CREEK, Carlile's fourth studio album released on June 5, promises to be her most revealing and personal record to date “It scares me how much of who we are is in this album.” However, she admits “I can talk about making records all day long, but what really drives me is what I’ve been doing on the road all this time. When we play these songs for you, what’s going to happen between you and us? That’s what matters most to me.” True to form, Carlile and is now eager to introduce BEAR CREEK to her audience. Summer 2012 will see her biggest headlining tour to date, with stops at world famous venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and Wolf Trap.