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Take an “aurgasmic” journey through sound-waves, frequencies, vocal textures and jazz riffs as vocalist and musicologist, Damien Lamar whisks listeners away with material from his upcoming series: “the new adventures of professor:clock”. This project features music production and collaboration by international producers: Stephan Pitois, White Linen, EvenStill's Tommy Bridgewater, The Cakefonz, Sinister Beats, Mikhael “Mika/L” Jabroux and Ginivr. The track listing includes reduxed material from Damien’s past collaborations and ends with in an dark, alarming apocalyptic track, appropriately named “5125”. The track is inspired by the conspiracy theories surrounding the 5,125 annual cycle and the end of the Mayan calendar; what is said to be the “end of era” to begin on December 21, 2012.