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Downside Up is a indie/acoustic rock band based out of Alpharetta, Georgia. They are currently active---touring the southeast and recording new material. The band is headed by singer/songwriter Ronnie Stanley, who refers to their music as the “product of the blueprints for a musical mansion." In 2009, Stanley, along with bassist Tony Hossri, teamed up with Jameson Price on drums to produce the smooth, acoustic sound that embodies Downside Up's early style. In 2012, lead guitarist Lyle Kilgore became the newest addition to the band, adding a raunchier, more hard-rocking sound than the trio had ever been able to produce before. While the band has recently earned most of their notoriety exploring the music scene in the college town of Athens, Georgia, Downside Up was chosen to play BamaJam 2012, opening for such big names as Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Yelawolf, and more. Rendy Lovelady, Producer of BamaJam, says, "This band has one of the freshest sounds I have heard in a long time. They would fit in a club or college venue with ease." Downside Up’s music has such a broad variety of sounds that gives fans guaranteed satisfaction after every performance. The compilation of soothing guitar melodies, powerful bass rhythms, and addictive sing-song choruses make listening a therapeutic delight. This melting pot of musicians is unique because of their non-metrically structured patterns, high energy performances, and loyalty to their fans and friends. Downside UP’s refreshing new age sound is reminiscent of Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, John Mayer, The Spill Canvas, and Jeff Buckley. Their mission is to provide quality music that is pleasing to the ears of others. Evidence of such hard work was illustrated in their most recent achievement when the group was awarded the title as a Top 40 Artist in the Modern Rock category on Ourstage.com in both of the months of September and November of 2012. The track, “Anchors,” from the newest album, “Breathe Baby, Breathe,” shot to the number 21 slot in September and once more to the 32nd slot in November. With that being said, I hope to persuade you in looking further into our Press Kit, which can be found at the links below. I look forward to hearing from you and potentially working together in the future.