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Ella Jane is the collaboration of two friends who met at a missionary/art training school in Germany. Caleb Schmidt from Bangladesh and Laura Hall from Australia, first performed together in Hamburg, Germany at a 2-day justice conference. The first song they performed, 'Her Song', is about women and girls who are forced into sexual exploitation. The sound technician was deeply moved by the heart behind the song and offered to record their first full length album for free. This is part of the story of how 'It's All For Love' was formed. Hear 3 songs from "It's All For Love" and download them for free! The album is now on sale on Bandcamp and on their official website. Please join their Facebook group and spread the word about Ella Jane! Also, feel free to tip Ella Jane. Caleb and Laura are both full time missionaries in Germany reaching out to underdeveloped nations and training youth in the arts and in missions!