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Hey Ocean!— David Vertesi [bass/vocals}, Ashleigh Ball [vocals/flute], David Beckingham [vocals/guitar]— play "pop" in the truest and most traditional sense of the word. On IS (January 29, 2013), their third full-length album and first for Nettwerk Records, irresistible hooks entwine with dreamy keyboards and crystal clear guitars. Each voice gets time in the spotlight, rounding out the sound with the imprint of three distinct and dynamic personalities. After two independent releases, the group entered the studio in 2010 to begin making what would become Is. The sessions started in Toronto with producer Gavin Brown [Metric] behind the board, but the musicians eventually made a decision to self-produce back home in Vancouver. They spent their time meticulously crafting a collection of songs that nodded to their collective influences from Michael Jackson to Fleetwood Mac. As a result, they tapped into the sound they've always wanted, realizing their vision.