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"I have always enjoyed serving with Holland. He's seasoned in ministry and yet ever fresh in worship. He's also flexible to the situations he ministers in--in tune with the Spirit and respectful of time constraints--a wonderful mix. We had a great time having Holland in Albuquerque. He led the worship at all four weekend services, ministering to 14,000 people and they all responded well to him because he led us to God's throne. He also lent a hand for a "Lively Hearts" concert in our outside amphitheater. Thanks Holland!" -- Skip Heitzig, Pastor, Calvary Albuquerque, NM. Holland Davis (P.HD) is writer of the best selling worship song "Let It Rise." He is also the founder and senior pastor of Worship Life Calvary Chapel in San Clemente, California. For free chord charts... worshipsong.com