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Thank you for visiting our download page for our free album, Introducing: Essential Worship. This download will only be available for 30 days. We hope these songs bless you and your church.

Essential Worship ( is a new resource for worship leaders and teams. Our site is full of new songs, tutorials and training videos, set-lists, charts and plenty more essentials. But there's more to them than downloads and print-outs. We believe that true worship - the messy, vibrant, life-changing kind - is always the result of relationship. That's why they are an open door to new conversations about the way we worship. It is a place to be heard and a place to listen, a place to be known and a place to explore. Essential Worship is an invitation to connect.

1. Lay Me Down (Live) - One Sonic Society

2. The Rock Won't Move – Vertical Church Band3. Christ Is Risen- Matt Maher

4. Open Up Our Eyes- Elevation Worship

5. Cast My Cares – Tim Timmons

6. King Of Love- I Am They

7. It Is Well (Oh My Soul)- Brandon Heath

8. Mighty Jesus- The Neverclaim