Jesse Baker

Jesse Baker

Jesse Baker


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I am an independent artist from central Pennsylvania.

"Tearing Down The Walls" is my introduction to the world as an artist. Written, recorded, and produced in my small bedroom studio, it is a true representation of myself. Although it was not created to the industry standard of modern recordings, I believe it is honest work that people can relate to.

I was fortunate to collaborate with very talented musicians during the start of this musical adventure. The lineup has changed with time; I now work with a solid group of guys who eat, sleep, and breathe music. There is no doubt in my mind that they will push my music to the next level (and possibly many levels after that).

Honesty is the most important characteristic of our band. We'd rather be under-estimated than over-blown. We try to maintain an honest appearance by simply sharing our work and connecting with others. What you see is what you get! Work hard and let the music speak for itself.

Thanks for listening, Jesse