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For the past three years, Central PA's Jesse Baker Band has been hard at work, with many appearances at the Chameleon Club, Lancaster Convention Center, and WXPN's World Cafe Live. Initial exposure came from regular gigs with national act Kingsfoil. Reaching over 20,000 plays on YouTube, they focus on creating timeless musical experiences, such as live, one take, unedited videos without tricks or gimmicks. This has appealed to an audience that wants a new sound, but also appreciates the music of past decades. Constantly evolving, the Jesse Baker Band has performed as an expansive 4-piece, a religiously minimalistic 3-piece, and on a rare occasion a who-cares-lets-rock 2-piece. This variety in experiences has shaped the songs into their truest forms, wearing their show down to the parts that count. The 2012 LP “Tearing Down The Walls” was completely self-produced, written and recorded in Baker’s small bedroom studio. Only available as a free download via Noisetrade, it operated as a glorified demo, opening doors in new places such as Philadelphia and regional college campuses.

Having paid his dues locally, Jesse Baker is shifting his focus into the wider world of music. In 2014 he put out new songs consecutively, starting with “The Feeling of Sound”, followed by “Back to the Place I Know”, which was the first single available through digital distributors such as iTunes and Spotify. The song touches on themes that all bands relate to: “every choice is an open road, every pathway could lead me home. Now I don’t know which way to go…”. With many options in front of them, they are testing the waters, trying out new ideas, sounds, and imagery. They’re no longer asking “what should we do”? The question is: “what do we want to make?”.