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What happens when a seasoned, native California musician moves to the Midwest and digs in his heels? Magic. John Voelz has been a singer-songwriter for the past 20+ years performing and recording throughout the U.S. and Europe. But for the past 9 years Voelz has put down roots in the community of Jackson—lending hometown credibility and earning him a voice as a bona fide local artist without losing his world-class appeal. Voelz is very much an artist one would classify as a renaissance man—visual artist, painter, poet and musician with a well rounded style of his own ranging from heartfelt acoustic ballads to hook-filled pop rock/Americana/Country and blues. Most of Voelz's music has a common strand of spiritual lyrics and even unapologetic acknowledgement that Voelz is a follower of Jesus, but many who are irreligious will also find an attraction to the themes of peace, hope, love, grace, forgiveness, struggle, and dreams for a better humanity and what it means to be human.