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An original music act out of Hershey, PA, JR WOLF is the creation of Jason Wolfe. He picked up the guitar in his late teens and quickly fell into a deep obsession with music. Early on, he was influenced by artists such as The Beatles, The Dave Matthews Band, Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead. Jason spent his college career traveling between school and summer jobs at National Parks including Yellowstone and The Grand Canyon. He spent time continuing to learn about music theory and guitar method. Many skills were learned from friends met along the way. He began to write his own material and was widely encouraged in his efforts. Positive response from college gigging also helped foster a dream of becoming a self-sustaining musician. In the fall of 2008 Jason was introduced to guitarist Martin Chaudhry. Originally coming on as a bassist, Martin eventually assumed his position as the ax-man for JR WOLF. Rightfully so: this guy’s got chops. Martin shines fondly when asked about his early influences. He says simply that his father gave to him two life-altering gifts: a Jimi Hendrix CD and a guitar. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Jason’s cousin, Shaina McDonald was honing her vocal and performance skills in the LA music scene. Shaina draws from a background of soulful and melodic pop and R&B singers and her vocals shine through JR WOLF performances when harmonizing with others or as the lead singer. With a lifelong devotion to dance and performance arts, Shaina is a beautiful and lively addition to the stage. In the fall of 2011, Jason began production of a self-funded full-length JR WOLF album. Songs, first developed on guitar and refined through years of practice and performance, were selected from his collection of original compositions. Drum patterns were composed on a digital rhythm machine and studio drummers were enlisted to perform either with or in lieu of the patterns on most tracks (two tracks on the full-length debut still feature Jason's original digital patterns with no additions/changes). Recording began in the fall of 2011 through fall of 2012. Without a bassist, Jason did many of the tracks himself and shared other credits with recording studio engineer, Derek Euston. Martin lends his uncanny guitar genius to most tracks of the album (2 tracks feature a pedal steel guitar and one is a solo acoustic performance by Jason). Shaina’s help was enlisted for a track on the album and she has been with the band ever since, continually proving her worth. Mastering (by Greg Calbi) was finalized in the spring of 2013. High manufacturing costs* have stalled the completion of the full-length album, so the band is currently performing to promote an EP which was more economical and features selected tracks of the material. JR WOLF is continually working, expressing dedication and love to their craft. Currently shows are concentrated mainly around the central PA area. The group is looking to find expansion into surrounding states by spring 2014. Look forward to the full length album release in April 2014. *there NEEDs to be a killer comic book insert to help contribute to the overall vision of the full-length album. Trust, it's just mandatory When you see how awesome it is, you'll understand. But yeah, it's around 20 pages...and paper = we are working hard to bring this idea into existence and share it with you. Please either be extremely patient or better yet, SUPPORT US by BUYING the 'AL B EP' which has been created to help raise funds for the full-length debut. Thanks for rockin' and keep howling at the moon! Much love - JR WOLF