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In 2005 Kamara began writing the songs for what would become BULGARIA, a dark fairy tale that examines the mythology of feminine creative experience.

The story: Two suicidal women, Nelly and Eleanor, arrive in an alternate reality-- "Bulgaria". Populated by neurotics and ruled by mysterious bird-women, Bulgaria is a land of eternal winter. The heroines must undertake a journey into the unknown to search for the jewel that will bring Spring-- and healing-- to the land.

A chorus of women comments on the adventure, dance-morphing into entities such as flocks of birds, a great tree, and The Minnesinger Sphoenix-- a fantastical being, part moth, beetle and butterfly. They parade through the audience with pictograms and primitive puppets as they entwine a grander ritual into the action of the story.

In 2014, BULGARIA will enter an exploratory phase, with both live workshops (in Durham, NC) and online workshops aimed at discovering personal symbols of feminine creative experience. We are looking for an all-female ensemble to participate. If you are interested in being a participant/performer in the workshop phase of BULGARIA, or to find out how you can support the work, contact Kamara at kamarathomasmusic@gmail.com.

In its highest vision, BULGARIA is a community ritual and theatre spectacle that celebrates the transition from Winter to Spring.

Reviews for Kamara's debut album "Earth Hero":

"Channeling dusty Americana, rootsy folk, and classic rock à la Neil Young, Kamara Thomas (singer and bassist for the acclaimed hard rock band Earl Greyhound) spins hazy narrative paeans to America’s epic landscape and mythic past. Her bewitching live performance incorporates elements of Native American shamanism, trance-inducing jams, and spellbinding stories of the fabled Old West." -- BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC

"Thomas is a terrific singer/songwriter in her own right... spare and expansive, intimate and cinematic - and hauntingly nostalgic." -- CREATIVE LOAFING

"Expansive and breathtaking... full of giant harmonies... songs that stretch atmosphere and song-form past their breaking point... makes incredible use of space, building from bare simplicity to cathartic explosions." -- AFROPUNK

"Her songwriting is impeccable, her style and delivery is steady and smooth, and her voice can easily transport me from a listening room to the landscape she has painted vocally." --BROOKLYN COUNTRY