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KAMBER began playing their unique style of alternative rock in Nashville in 2012. Although the group derives its name from lead vocalist and pianist Kamber Kigin, they present themselves confidently as a rock band, with strong contribution from bandmates Jase Hackman (guitar), Paul Carter (guitar), Austin Huelsbeck (bass), and Justin Nelson (drums). Songwriter and central Florida native Kamber is a natural storyteller, and she paints a picture with each lyric she pens. Her distinct vocals and passion for the craft of songwriting propels the band. A classically trained pianist and composer, Kamber has been writing since she was 14.

Following Kamber's graduation from a music program and relocation to Nashville, the band was formed, a fusion of new and old friends. Although Kamber's writing style is influenced by intelligent female pop artists such as Imogen Heap, Tori Amos, and Sia, the band itself draws upon a common love for rock acts ranging from Foo Fighters to Underoath.

Kamber's ambitious debut EP was released in November 2014, its production handled by members of the band. The three-track effort seamlessly blends creative storytelling, intricate piano work, and timeless guitar-driven rock - sewn together by Kamber's unmistakable voice.