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Cultivated by the powerful vocals and piano undertones of Jennifer Lucrezio, and the alluring lead lines of guitarist, Jordan Bumgarner, LUCREZIO pursues music as more than an art form, but as a way to convey truth. With their 2011 full length release, Storybook, Lucrezio put out a project not only musically driving but lyrically piercing. Emoting not just a feeling of escape, but a movement of time. Storybook proved to be an album for both realists and dreamers, like any true story. Storybook Acoustic, a more recent project, sparks new life into previously recorded songs by stripping them down to their essentials, using only guitar, piano, voice, and cello. The rawness of each piece engages refreshed words and melodies, maintaining the deeper part of Lucrezio's desire as stated in this: "If we can make people feel alive and drive them to search for more than what they know, then the music has spoken and we have done what we were born to do."