Wild Ambience : Rainforest On The Edge

Rainforest On The Edge

Wild Ambience

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Wild Ambience

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The rainforests of Malaysia are some of the richest on the planet. While several national parks have been established in the country, large areas of primary forest still exist outside park borders, and it's these unprotected forests that are facing rapid & systemic destruction.

In March 2014 I spent a week in and around Taman Negara National Park recording the extraordinary sights and sounds of this stunning area. Sadly, only a few kilometres from park headquarters in Kuala Tahan, extensive areas of virgin forest are being logged and cleared for palm oil plantations. It's a story being played out throughout the world, as governments & corporations see forests as having more value dead than alive.

Recorded from a logging access road adjacent to pristine, primary rainforest, this pure nature soundscape features the unique & beautiful voices of this precious habitat.

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