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Monica Moser was born in New York City, grew up in Fort Worth, TX, and now calls Nashville home. Her natural style leans singer/songwriter, indie pop, but she strives to create music that encompasses a lot of different genres and formats. Her music seeks to be dynamic and entertaining, but also challenging and uplifting.

She has released two EPs, Human Heart and Where Beauty Lies, which have both been featured as New & Notable albums on NoiseTrade, and the first track off Human Heart, “Come to You”, was added to Nashville's Independent Radio Lightning 100’s regular rotation in January 2016. She has put out four singles all in different styles since then: "For the Stars", "Feeling for You", "Loose End", and "Island".

Most recently she released a series of remixes for "Feeling for You" in April and a new single "Paralyzed" in June. Her music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, NoiseTrade, Soundcloud and Apple Music.

If you're a filmaker, work for an ad agency, etc. you can license her music here: https://noisely.com/artists/monica-moser/