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O'er Field and Stream

Rock : Folk

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Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Robert Service



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Monuments is a 5 song EP about nature and our interaction with it, in a sort of soft-Transcendentalist/Naturalist style. It is largely lyrically inspired by select themes from Thoreau (specifically, “Walking” and “Life Without Principle”) A lot of the language and word combination style was also heavily rooted in the later works of Robert Service, whose moral code seems to be in direct opposition to Thoreau’s, ironically.

This particular recording has been crafted using almost singularly a vintage ribbon microphone, which was graciously loaned to our studio by Steven Spracklen. The amazing Altec/Western Electric 639 dual element microphone created a complete shift in recording tactics from the ground up, providing a distinctive and magical sound to the recordings. A PDF is included with the download which includes lyrics, photographs, paintings and drawings from the band. On a personal note, we worked very hard on these songs and this album, and we sincerely hope you enjoy it. Many thanks! - LC

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