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Coming up in Dallas, Tx, Princeton was exposed to the gospel plenty of times. Not only by churches, but mainly by his parents when he was young. "Both of my parents did their job in telling me about Jesus, but something just didn't click in me yet. I didn't think they were lying but I wasn't really living for Jesus then." Princeton started rhyming when he was little. He would just rap for fun with his karaoke machine and piano. He continued this throughout his years in school, all the way up to high school. This was one of the areas he found his significance in; the fact that he could make verses and songs and the other teens couldn’t. "When I was in history class, I remember writing lyrics on the back of my spiral and having some of my friends check it out. Of course it was about how tight I thought I was and how I could get chicks, how I could beat anybody in basketball and whatnot." Though rap was a natural passion of his, another passion was basketball. Princeton was always on a basketball team ever since he was little as the starting point guard. He was heavily influenced by NBA players and rappers with the lavishing lifestyle they lived. He started to fall in love with hip hop, but little did he know it was going to be a tool to grab his heart for Christ.

When he was a junior in HS, Princeton went to a hip hop concert featuring Dillon Chase, Tedashii, and Trip Lee. For the first time he saw young dudes who looked like him but were unashamed of the gospel. It rocked his worldview. Going to church when he was younger, he would mainly see older people in suits and ties. He never truly saw life change in people. "When I was there, I remember listening to the lyrics and trying to turn up, but as I looked around, the folks around me seemed to know who they were turning up for, but I didn't." As the rappers would explain the message of the songs and ultimately the message of the gospel, Princeton stood and examined himself.

"At the end of the day, I could feel the Spirit tugging at my heart; For me to really give my whole life to the LORD Jesus. That night, I did trust fully in Jesus as LORD over my life and not just my Savior. He opened my eyes to see His worth."

Achieving success and climbing charts is not Princeton's main goal; he wants to impact the culture and see transformation in cities by standing on truth and for what is right. His purpose goes deeper than music as he sees people hurting across the globe, people looking for satisfaction and love but with no real hope. This drives him to innovate, inspire, and encourage within the medium of hip hop, to create real life change that would effect socioeconomics, discrimination, crime, politics, and most importantly families. Princeton doesn’t have all of the answers, but offers a love that has changed him forever.

Princeton is looking to take the momentum and lessons learned from traveling as a hype man with Lecrae and Tedashii, to establish himself as up and coming artist. After experiencing a large and positive response from his first Mixtape, Princeton is currently working on releasing his first album. Princeton Marcellis has graduated from the University of North Texas, and resides in Dallas, TX.