Ryan Hunt : Control (2012)

Control (2012)

Ryan Hunt

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Ryan Hunt

Christian/Gospel : Alternative

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U2, Switchfoot, The Fray, Life House, Chris Tomlin




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Control is a look at life as it is and what it could be with God’s help. It addresses failures, hopes, and learning to trust in a God that won’t come and go, but will always be there. The sound, as portrayed above, is primarily driven by Ryan’s soulful voice and acoustic guitar. But, this is not an acoustic album. The sound is overall very much in line with Lifehouse’s later albums, Jon Foreman’s solo albums, and perhaps Jeremy Camp’s debut album. Therefore, the experience presented cannot be classified as “light” rock or pop, but rock that is just a little uptempo and evenly paced. Lyrically, the album is also very well rounded with deep and introspective lyrics that speak to the heart of so many of our fears, joys, and failures. -Lee Brown(indievisionmusic) www.ryanhuntband.com

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