S'ambrosia : My Name, Your Seal (2013)

My Name, Your Seal (2013)


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S'ambrosia's sophomore EP is another record that was made over the course of a summer, but this time the production of the record involved a flight out to Nashville, where she was able to record with producer Greg LaFollette, who has worked with the likes of Katie Herzig, Waterdeep, Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken, and Heath McNease. This project has more of a soulful R&B vibe than most people are used to from the worship leader turned indie artist, but the collaboration proves to demonstrate LaFollette's strengths, as he helped make this project into more than S'ambrosia ever thought it could be.

This project was made possible by some incredibly supportive friends and family, so special thanks goes out to each and every one of you. Thank you for investing me and believing in this project.

Much love and many returns.

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