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Shawn Craver

Alternative : Rock

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Live songs from recent performances...

I dislike recording. However, I love playing live! These recordings were not planned, but randomly recorded and taken live from cameras, phones, and misplaced microphones. I hope you enjoy them! And I'll try my best to make "real" recordings soon! - Much love, Shawn

  1. Indigo- Shawn guitar/vocals
  2. New Time- Shawn guitar/vocals, Curt Turner bass, and Justin Wolfe percussion/vocals.
  3. I Will Go- Shawn guitar/vocals, Elle guest vocal.
  4. For The Day- Shawn guitar/vocals/harmonica
  5. Lucy Brown- Shawn guitar/vocals, Curt Turner bass, Justin Wolfe percussion.
  6. Demons- Shawn guitar/vocals, Kylie Brown cello.
  7. Last Day of Summer- Shawn guitar/vocals

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