Sleeping At Last

Alternative : Folk

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Songs, Sad Songs, Hopeful Songs


Glen Ellyn, IL

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Sleeping At Last’s 36-song project "Yearbook” is FREE for a limited time via NoiseTrade, in support of Preemptive Love Coalition.

100% of all "tips" received between July 1st and July 14th, 2014 will be given directly to Preemptive Love Coalition to help continue their incredible work helping save the lives or children in Iraq,

Living and working in Iraq, Preemptive Love Coalition facilitates lifesaving heart surgery for Iraqi children in need. In pursuit of peace between communities at odds, Preemptive Love Coalition have already saved the lives of many children. Due to recent challenges, they are in great need of financial support to continue their lifesaving work.

A note from the Executive Director of Preemptive Love Coalition, Jeremy Courtney:

"Sleeping At Last has been the sound of lives saved and peace waged in Iraq for years. When Ryan sings, "make this chaos count”, our hearts sing back with hope that it will. When “lay your weapons down!? they're calling off the war” cascaded over our work in Fallujah, we dared to obey and stake it all on this vision: "there is goodness in the heart ?of every broken man?.” Ryan has already saved our lives by lighting the way toward brighter days. What a joy to partner with the Sleeping At Last community to provide lifesaving heart surgeries to as many Iraqi children as we can!"