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Timmy Sunshine – Lead vocal/Organ Jettie Wilce – Drums Sager Small – Guitar Dreamalong to The Comettes with Sager Small on guitar navigating surf rock riffs through drifting sonic emissions from Timmy Sunshine’s organ and vocals while drummer Jettie Wilce precisely hammers and kicks the vast expanse of their songs into shape. The band hails from Seattle, WA where cascades and open air inspired their inception in the summer of 2012. Their melodic groovings sail farther than the quick crash and pop of most surf rock riding on a wind of haunting charm from Sunshine’s singing, hypnotizing each head bobbing along to the crash of symbol and snare. Before releasing their first self-titled EP in December of that year, they took to traveling on their first Midwest tour opening for Grammy nominated favorites The Lumineers, and accompanied the platinum record holding group at sold out theater shows. The spring showers of their home have sheltered their recent endeavors in the studio while working on a new EP, Golden Blue, scheduled for June 3rd ahead of an anticipated fall 2013 full length and Europe/US tour.