The Suns Of Kora

The Suns Of Kora

The Suns Of Kora


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John Legend, The Lumineers, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper




The Suns of Kora are a four piece band with an eclectic taste for all genres of music. Ejae Wilde (vocals), Kelly Wright (drums), Ethan Powers (bass), and Jonny Dylan (guitar) mix their different styles and influences, ranging from rock, country, hip hop, jazz, world music, and even classical, together to bring a unique, soulful, rocking sound. Currently in Chattanooga, TN, the band strives to keep the authentic aspect of music alive with great hopes of making a change through their music, actions, and beyond. If ever in search for a sound like no other, then travel to The Suns of Kora!