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From A to Z is an American music duo made up by the couple Zachary and April Gaddis. Zach and April both had solo careers as independent music artists, but when they were married in July of 2013 they began their joined career. Zach led an R&B career, singing and opening for Grammy award winning artist Lecrea and working with Stellar award winning artist Da T.R.U.T.H., while April led a Contemporary Christian/Vocal career. Zach and April both are the singer/songwriters for the group with Zach also leading the duo on the acoustic guitar. Since Zach and April came from separate genres as solo artists, they are currently developing their own sound and genre as a duo. Their songs vary from a stripped down acoustic sound to a pop electronic production. They also currently lead worship for Covina Assembly Church every Sunday in Covina, California. With diversity as a main factor, From A to Z is sure to bring a new sound and style to the music stage.