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Project1804 (Pronounced PROJECT Eighteen-O-4) is not an artist, it's not a group. It is a movement! And any movement must first start with a revolutionary, or in this case revolutionaries. In the past entertainment was formulaic in it's approach to content. But with the rise of YouTube and music production programs like Pro Tools practically anyone could create. Then all the preconceptions of the entertainment industries were thrown out the window, and with them all there past models for entertainers were also jettisoned. Almost over night the people's expectation for entertainers was transformed as if ripped from the scene of the hit movie the "The Matrix" where Morpheus asks Neo which will he take, the blue or red pill. The stage is set, but the actors aren't ready. The entertainment industry afraid to relinquish power continues to push there generic assembly line of entertainment. Stifled the people accept whatever entertainment is handed to them. Enter Project1804.