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Originally from Dallas, TX, singer-songwriter Jay Denton's music drives with the authenticity and soul of his roots combined with the energy of the big city. With time spent songwriting and recording in Texas, Nashville, and now Los Angeles, the eclectic mix of pop/rock, folk/singer-songwriter, and country/rock all weave in and out of his music. "Locked" is the first official full album Denton has released, and the fusion of sounds and storytelling in it has matured into a unique and captivating blend from start to finish.

Currently based in Los Angeles, where Denton writes and produces for multiple different rising artists, "Locked" is a window into the more raw and vulnerable side of his artistry and life. With all songs of the record written by entirely by Jay and based on real experiences, this album plays like a loose autobiography and tells one cohesive story along the way. In the age of music where singles are everything, and full albums have faded in popularity, Denton is leaning against the mold, and for anyone with the attention to listen through from beginning to end, they'll find "Locked" plays as much like a movie as an album.