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Jeffrey Simmons creates classic Pop music in the tradition of Harry Nilsson, Emitt Rhodes and Ron Sexsmith. Jeffrey's debut CD, "The Failure of the Horse and Buggy" in 1999 displayed his fascination with 60's songwriting and production. In 2001 Jeffrey brought in his newly formed backing band, The Symptoms into the studio. The result was "Almost...all the way...down" released by Soda Pop Records in 2003. In 2005 Jeffrey and the Symptoms started recording his third full-length album around Boston. After parting with The Symptoms during the recordings, Jeffrey carried on to record and produce what would become "Farewell, My Sweet Alibi" released in 2006. Jeffrey's 4th album "Best of Luck" which showcased the work of his new well rehearsed live band but also was filled with the rich production of his previous efforts. In 2008 Jeffrey had his first child and took time off from playing live but continued songwriting. In Sept 2010 Jeffrey release his 5th album "stairpenstation.”