From Abby Sevcik

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Abby's vocals strike a poignant and powerful tone in her wide range of compositions. Accompanied by her jazz and pop-influenced piano playing, her lyrics and vocals embody a soulful and unique sound that can be linked with a variety of musical tastes.After initially receiving buzz for her independently released Pop EP "For Keeps", Abby's release is "Minutes Ago"; a melancholy track that demonstrates the depth and intelligence in her writing ability. This release built bridges into different genres, namely EDM. Abby and Mielo, an EDM artist/ producer and fellow Iowa Hawkeye, released their 2014 viral hit "Surreal" which now has over 1 million streams on Spotify. Abby is currently receiving praise for her latest single, "Open Windows Closed Doors," and its accompanying music video. Her success stretches beyond the recording realm into her live performance ability, as she showcased when opening for Grammy award-winning artist Daya.