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Straight edge punk pop high-energy hard alternative rock. With a little bit of electro. Peter Lalush has been exposed to all kinds of music in his lifetime. From Anberlin to ZZ Top and from The Almost to Zedd. In Peter's head, all those influences get thrown into the same pot and set on the "frappe" setting. And what comes out is something kind of awesome. A.I.R. is Peter's response to all those influences and an excuse for him to write about his "feelings". Love, friends, partying, people who annoy him, even this one song about Drama Club. Actually, make that two songs. Peter's getting his live show set up as we speak, so he may be touring soon. Maybe. Not necessarily. At least you get some good free music out of the deal. And check out A.I.R.'s debut full-length "KICK" on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and CD Baby!