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The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter has released 2 EPs in advance of his official debut album, Alexander Fairchild Vol. 1, which will be releasing today at all digital outlets right here. Alexander Fairchild is a unique artist that is soon to be a household name. A one-man band, his songs have echoes of legends past -The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Joni Mitchell to name a few – and he’s amassed a solid community of fans via his captivating live performances. "Our full-length release date has finally come, and I am more than enthusiastic about this days arrival. This collection of tunes is somewhat of a mosaic of my twenties: they are song pictures of my thoughts and feelings and musical wanderings over the last number of years. So happy to be rid of them so as to start on more AF utterings. Yes, utterings—that vain and varied practice we entertainers haughtily dub art. And until then, play these songs out and whistle them often. -Alexander We are very happy to share with you yet another Original Session from our Last.fm NY team. Introducing Alexander Fairchild - the alternative/pop singer-songwriter who was gracious enough to play an unplugged gig in Madison Square Park. What resulted was a truly unique and heartfelt performance, appreciated by onlookers, and we hope... also by you. get it here http://originals.last.fm/sessions/alexander-fairchild-serenades-park-goers/ Please enjoy these songs and check out the feature here with Desert Island Discs featuring his disc collection http://popdose.com/desert-island-discs-with-alexander-fairchild