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Like Egan, super-cool Canuck Alexander Fairchild pens songs with an emotional center delivered in as a winning press release stated: a "smoky falsetto." That's a very accurate description of his vocal prowess, but also sounds like a great band name that someone should get on, like, right now. Anyway, the Harriston, ON native dropped a well-received EP (Tonight) this spring, and is about to release his first full-length album. At the Music Conservatory earlier this summer, Fairchild gave a sneak peak with the song "I Want to Believe in You." I could write more about Fairchild, but I'm anxious for you to hear the song. It's pretty darn awesome, and showcases his strengths as a singer and songwriter. Besides, if you read what I wrote in the opening graphs, you'll know that everything is immediate on the interwebs so why read, when you can watch?