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"We're musicianaries, if you will." All We Are is a group of God's disciples desiring to be the hands and feet of Christ. Before we were called into a band, we were called to be followers of The Way. Being in a band simply gives us a new avenue to work out our salvation and carry out God's calling on our lives. And it's loads of fun!

It's not about stage presence or even how cool the song sounds. Music is just a way to respond to God in a creative way that he embedded in us from the beginning. Worship. Worship is something we are deeply passionate about. The real heart of the band is to make even more of an impact OFF stage as we do on. People are valued. Because worship doesn't only happen ON STAGE. Worship acutally cannot be stoped. Ever. Even by Satan himself. God prewired us FOR worship. And desires us to worship Him. People are the most valued of all creation. And people need to hear that. They need to hear that God is relentlessly chasing after our hearts, desperate for our affection. Our worship. If we are not actively being doers and fulfillers of the word, people will go about never understanding how much our Creator loves them. I'd say we have a big mission field at hand.