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Alternate Revolution has its humble beginnings in a hot attic on a hot summer day back in July of 2012 in the middle of Lincoln. At that time they were under the name Twisted Faith. Not much happened in that first year but things picked up however when they acquired a new drummer and wrote their first original song in the first practice with this drummer. The first show as a band was at Knickerbockers on July 25, 2013. Soon after the band name was changed in order to avoid a conflict with another band, the new name was Twisted Revolution. In the same fashion, as the band name changed so did the membership with the leaving and addition of a new guitarist and a new bass player, days were looking bright under this new lineup and name. The name, however, had to change because the members of the band sought a name that was new, original and exciting to match the music that they were writing. The name they came up with was Alternate Revolution. In late September of 2013, the band started work on making a E.P. with five original songs. They sought the help of a local sound engineer and released their first E.P titled, “Lost on 27th Street” in November of 2013. Since the release of their E.P. they have done various shows and open mic nights around Lincoln, they are now looking to expand and do more shows as well as record their first full length album. In addition to this, they are writing lots of new material at a rate of 1-2 songs a month. Current members of the band are: John McSweeney (Titus McAllister) on lead guitar and vocals; Matt Piszczek (Matt The Ripper) on rhythm guitar and bass; Logan Adair (Victor Riada) on bass and Patrick Phelps (Leif Armstrong) on drums and percussion.