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Forget everything you know about music festivals; AMERICANAFEST is not your average fest. The annual festival and conference is spread over 50 different prestigious music venues across Nashville, including hundreds of electrifying nightly showcases and special events highlighting the culture of Music City.

AMERICANAFEST is a community for artists, fans and industry leaders alike; it's about finding your tribe and calling it home.

Whether you're looking to rock out at a dive bar with a beer in hand or immerse yourself in an intimate singer-songwriter moment over a glass of wine, AMERICANAFEST has something for anyone who's passionate about music.

For just $75, you will have access to 290+ nightly showcases and almost 100 select special luncheons, parties and mixers across Music City. If you are just wanting to catch your favorite artists, door tickets are available ranging from $5-25 at participating local venues.

AMERICANAFEST 2018: September 11-16