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Andrew Ferris is an English folk/rock singer-songwriter from The Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire. Known for his uplifting, honest lyrics and catchy melodies, Andrew’s music has taken him all over Europe. His 2013 UK tour finale saw him headline at the Google headquarters in London playing for some of the company’s top dogs!

Andrew’s music falls neatly in between Folk-Rock and Indie-Pop. With intelligent lyrics and singalong choruses, comparisons are often drawn to Frank Turner, The Beatles and The Barenaked Ladies.

“I’ve chosen an unconventional path in life and I have plenty of tales to tell”. Explains Ferris.

During live performances, Andrew is accompanied by his backing band, The Fallen Men which consists of fellow multi-instrumentalists, Matt Stradling and Matt Kibble. With their powers combined, the three Folk-Rockers from the Forest are guaranteed to get your feet stomping, your face smiling and your brain buzzing.

In recent years, Andrew has busked his way across Europe and this adventure proved to be the perfect melting pot for Andrew’s infectious melodies and simple (yet powerful) lyrics.

Building on 2012’s “Red Lorry EP”, His debut album – “Yellow Lorry” reveals Ferris to be a romantic with a politically aware edge. The songs have their hearts firmly seated in folk music but occasionally adventure into blues, rock and even jazz.

A Decide-It-Yourself musician, Andrew is a strong supporter of independent music. “The power of the internet has made it possible for musicians to reach audiences all over the world. I’m proud to be a part of the new music revolution”

With his charismatic onstage presence, Ferris is a compelling live performer. He tiptoes effortlessly between entertaining and enlightening and the ever-present rhythm section provided by the Fallen Men completes a fun-filled but thought provoking show.

2014 is set to be a big year for Andrew Ferris & The Fallen Men: A European tour, a thriving youtube channel and a new EP release.