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Take Me Or Leave Me is Annika's debut album. Her alternative/rock, folk, and punk roots all contribute to her genre-bending sound and unique style. With catchy guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics, you’re sure to find yourself singing along.

Annika is a 19 year old singer-songwriter/guitarist from Whitefish, Montana. She likes goats and nature and guitar and rollerskating. Sometimes she writes songs because it’s her best way of communicating. “Music is a fundamental part of my life and who I am. It brings me joy and relieves stress. It provides an escape and a means of self-expression. It brings me closer to people and to the world. Some of the things I write about in my songs are silly- like how P.E. is stupid and short people are cool- but others are about being in love, feeling suffocated by your surroundings, the annoying constraints of society, and feeling frustration with those who don’t care about the environment.”

Annika is taking a gap year right now, after which she will attend Western Washington University, majoring in environmental science. She’s been on many adventures during her year. So far, she has gone on a two and a half month bike tour down the Pacific coast, interned at Advocates for the West, released her debut album, and currently, she is working with goats and sheep on a sustainable farm in Israel.