From Another Country

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Another Country is a 3 piece band playing an original mix of music drawn from folk, country, blues and beyond. We have released one album, " far as you can go" and one EP, 'the light .. the shade'

Claire Sinclair

I do a lot of singing in many and varied styles and Another Country is a chance to let my hair down and enjoy myself! It's been a new experience (and quite successful I think) helping to bring Gary's songs to life, I haven't written lyrics and melodies to other people's music before! So the songs on the album are a mixture of his, mine and ours but, hopefully, you can't tell the difference! I started singing (for fun) in earnest at university, but then it was soul, funk and acid jazz. A short spell in the States really opened my ears to some fabulous, cheesy, fun, happy and utterly heartbreaking country music and that's where my passion lies now. Thanks to my gorgeous husband, who inspires a lot of what I write, I can add rock of all kinds to my list of likes, and it's a testament to the mystical powers of music that a little of each of these styles can be heard on the album! Singing with a previous band, 'Hargreaves' I was once described as a 'rootsy Lily Allen' - well, if it's good enough for Lily........I

Gary Lindley

I first picked up the guitar because of Jimmy Page (and many other greats from the 60s and 70s) and a succession of experiences in the realms of rock and funk followed. Led Zeppelin are still my go-to rock band and I continue to be influenced by Page's playing and songwriting. Since then (and that was a long time ago) my playing and songwriting have been influenced by so many others including the incredible Van Morrison, Steve Earle, John Martyn, Seth Lakeman, Neil Young, Davy Graham etc etc etc etc. Through them I entered the world of country, folk, blues and beyond. Meeting Claire was a pivotal moment and we have gone on to amass a large collection of material that blends the genres I love. Music is a passion for me and being in Another Country? .... Well it just seems right!.

Jessica Holmes

Singer, flautist, percussionist and songwriter. Jessica is an incredible musician and a huge influence on our overall live sound. She has also co-written a lot of our most recent material