From Beggars Made Believers

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This eclectic rabble comes out of a desire to communicate faith, art and its influence on the human story.

Their first album Awake was released in January of 2011 as the brainchild of Singer/Songwriter Sly Samudre. The debut effort featured over 20 different musicians and aspired to challenge traditional arrangements of church music while honoring the language of belief.

Beggars Made Believers' sophomore album, Generations Rise, aspires towards an honest telling of the doubt which deepens faith. Returning musicians Cathy Terranova, Nathaniel Provencio, Sly Samudre, Lindsay Turberville, Zack Williams, and Adam Brandt balance penetrating lyrics with increasingly unfiltered arrangements. Songs such as Let Us Adore, New Creation, and Generations Rise provide fresh new takes on religious discourse, while the more direct But Only If excavates emotion out of sparse sounds and candid reflections. The single, Inspire the Words, is the heart's cry for deliverance, while In The Light Of The King exults in the joy of salvation.

The group is currently touring as a trio looking to take their music out the church and into the clubs. The work of this art is to connect with the religious and irreligious through human experience and the telling of that experience. Beggars Made Believers believes that the story we occupy reflects something true, beautiful, and dripping with the Divine. The honesty, hope, and healing embodied in this art is the repercussion of relentless love and amazing grace. And it is meant to be shared.