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After the sweeping musical and lyrical gestures of his first concept album, "Bold Enough To Say", Billy Webster set out to create an album of straight ahead, three and four minute rock songs. Originally titled "When The Story Is Over", the album intended to look at life from the perspective of a rocker father and husband approaching middle age. But as is often the case, artistic ambition took over and "Happy Ending" grew into a double album - one that still carries the original focus on growing older and family life, but throws into the mix songs that tell a broader story about growing up. Sitting alongside songs about marriage, fatherhood, and mortality are songs that look back at teen angst, youthful indiscretions, and the unconscious, accidental wisdom of young adulthood. How these early experiences affect the adults we become is as much a theme of "Happy Ending" as are the themes of parenting and "adulting." And also, the songs are catchy and fun to listen to.