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La Truth lyrics:

Who are you to look at me in that way

What would you stake it takes a man to face his shame

With lies I've been hiding behind my cowardice

Blind I've been fighting to find I'm powerless

But I'll keep fighting all night

I'll fight until I'm right

Who are you to speak to me with such disdain

What would you stake it takes a man to change his ways

I've seen my reflection in the waters

It helps to pretend I never lied to her

She knows I'm lying alright

She takes my hands and she dies

It's not right

You can't know what I'm all about

It's true that I don't know myself now

With time, I might

Yeah in time, I'll try

When truth evades, the pain finds a home to make

The time has come for me to lay the bed I've made

I'll leave my conjecture in the hall

Despite her rejection I'll bear it all

She sees I'm fighting for what's right

She takes my hands and we fly

I finally see through the fiction of it all

My fears wash away as her love absolves

Because she's right, it's my life, and she's mine, she's my life

BUHU's Love and the Wild Summer 2017 Tour Sponsored by The National Park Service

6/19 - Chicago, IL

6/22 - Milwaukee, WI

6/27 - Minneapolis, MN

6/29 - Badlands National Park

7/01 - Bozeman, MT

7/03 - Glacier National Park

7/05 - Calgary, AB

7/06 - Banff National Park

7/08 - Vancouver, BC

7/12 - Seattle, WA

7/13 - Olympia, WA

7/14 - Portland, OR

7/17 - Redwoods National Park

7/19 - Oakland, CA

7/20 - San Francisco, CA

7/23 - Yosemite National Park

7/26 - Los Angeles, CA

7/27 - Los Angeles, CA

7/29 - San Diego, CA

7/30 - Joshua Tree National Park

8/01 - Grand Canyon National Park

8/03 - Petrified Forest National Park

8/05 - Albuquerque, NM

8/07 - White Sands National Park

8/08 - El Paso, TX

8/11 - Austin, TX

La Truth is the first single released by BUHU that was solely written, produced, recorded and mixed by frontman Jeremy Rogers. The song is a retrospective of Jeremy's guilt in being dishonest with his wife and the strains that keeping secrets can cause on a loving relationship. La Truth was recorded on a 1990's Korg 8 track multi track recorder. Inspired by the lo-fi recording techniques of Sufjan Steven's Michigan album, Jeremy set out to record a whole new set of "Bedroom Pop" songs that reflect the emotional and complicated relationships he shares with his loved ones and the world around him. La Truth is premiering exclusively here on NoiseTrade!

Coastareka was a single released by BUHU January 2017 on FMF Records. The song is a reflective of the hesitancy that some people have to finding and accepting true love when its right in front of them.

Youth Is Breaking, GLTRSKL and Daytona Beach are all singles off BUHU's debut album, Relationshapes, released January 2016 on FMF Records.