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Caitlin Canty is an American singer/songwriter whose music carves a line through folk, blues, and country ballads. Her voice was called “casually devastating” by the San Francisco Chronicle and NPR describes her songs as having a “haunting urgency.”

For this NoiseTrade exclusive, Caitlin is offering a sampler of stand out tracks from her previous releases, as well as the track "Take Me for a Ride," from her upcoming March 30th release, which Rolling Stone calls, "a spellbinding introduction to Canty's new music, in which poetic lyrics and haunting melodies abound."

MOTEL BOUQUET, Canty’s forthcoming record, features ten original songs that hold her darkly radiant voice firmly in the spotlight. Produced by Grammy-nominated Noam Pikelny (Punch Brothers) and recorded live over three days in Nashville, the album boasts a band of some of the finest musicians in roots music, including fiddler Stuart Duncan and vocalist Aoife O’Donovan. Rolling Stone hails Motel Bouquet as “dreamy and daring” with “poetic lyrics and haunting melodies.”