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Caroline Cobb’s latest project takes the listener on a journey through scripture, beginning with creation and ending with the second coming of Christ, with every song pointing to Jesus’ death and resurrection. The idea for this album originated with a songwriting goal that Caroline gave herself in late 2010: to write a song for every book of the Bible in just one year, with the deadline being 11/11/11, her thirtieth birthday. Produced by Josh Moore (Derek Webb, Matthew Perryman Jones, Sandra McCracken) and recorded at Shane & Shane’s studio near Dallas, the album is made up of several songs from that “year of biblical writing.” The album will be pre-sold on iTunes and in her online store on May 6, and will officially release everywhere on June 3, 2013. “The Bible is full of stories,” says Caroline, “But during my year of writing songs from the Bible, I began to see that all of the stories in scripture are really telling one, grand Story: a story of redemption, a story of a loving God who ransoms us from sin and death through the death and resurrection of his own son. This album is my humble attempt to tell that Story.” To accompany the album, Caroline has also created a 50-page devotional book, filled with devotionals, artwork, scripture references, and song stories for each of the twelve songs on the album. Talented illustrators Chris Koelle (Austin Stone’s The History of Salvation, Desiring God’s Job the Film) and Jim LePage (Old New Project creator), as well as many other artists contributed their work, and several of Caroline’s friends involved in vocational ministry wrote the devotionals.