From Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers

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One of the only female-fronted bands from Tempe, Arizona, who put their music in your face, with huge vocals, guitars and drums that will get your Honey-Shaking—Guaranteed!

Never a dull moment in the lives of this uniquely tuned group, Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers and their Upbeat Brand of All-Original Rock & Roll can be found all over the Phoenix metro area, from coffee shops to weekend music concert venues. Lead singer/songwriter, Carol Pacey describes their success in Arizona, "Our music is what music used to be like here in Tempe, when the Refreshments and the Dead Hot Workshop owned this town, albeit with a female up front doing the singing!” And Carol really peels the paint off the walls with her strong and passionate presence in the group.

Their first album, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” released in 2014, features this bands close-knit connection to their music and to each other, as they heat up the sound waves with fast tempo and kickin’ lyrics. They are spot-on with their fans as Pacey comments, this is “music that fans quickly pick up on our choruses and rhythms, and then sing and dance right along with us.” Pacey, originally from the East Coast, moved out west and became enamored with what Arizona and Mexico had to offer. At their shows, she and the band perform a collection of original songs, from poignant ballads to driving rockers. This band is definitely high energy and Carol adds, “I want fans to be a part of this grand musical adventure!"