From Maxwell Miranda Parsley

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With beginnings as an eggnog-fueled lark between friends in upstate New York, Catskill Christmas is love letter to seasonal celebrating, just in the nick of time!

Maxwell, Miranda, Parsley is the merriest trio of elves, led by producer/performer Chris Maxwell, composer for the hit Fox TV show Bob's Burgers and at whose Woodstock NY studio the collaboration was birthed. Catskill Christmas sees Ambrosia Parsley, widely beloved for her band Shivaree and smuldering contributions to many pivotal creative scenes, parrying mischievous musings with Holly Miranda, whose earthy and soulful vocal adds a depth that befits the woodsy environs in which the songs came to life.

Catskill Christmas crackles with a playful spirit and effortless knack for timeless melody, evocative of classic Brill Building pop. A rosy-cheeked, cashmere-sweatered, evergreen-scented testament to warm hands, full hearts and holiday cheer.