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How the song came to be:

Because this is a live recording we decided to include two versions of the song. One track has the spoken introduction, one is the song only without the introduction. Enjoy!

Always And Never Enough

Music & Lyrics by Taylor and Chloe Turner

© 2016 Taylor and Chloe Turner Music

Saw my life flash in the eyes of passersby

There's a hope in hopelessness we can't deny

When you feel like giving up

Take heart, we are stars and dust

We are always and never enough

In the early morning I could smell the earth

And I wondered if our hearts still beat for her

Do I like who I've become?

Live for me or everyone?

We are always and never enough

Saw the hurt and felt the sting of what I'd done

In a heart I'd only laced with good intention

Why does what I do in love never seem to measure up?

We are always and never enough

Life is full of things we can't control

But even when we can, sometimes we don't

It is neither either or

Good or bad or right or wrong

We are always and never enough

There's a body of a boy washed on the shore

And a man without a home that I ignore

There's a war in me and a war out there

Close our eyes and doors to what we hear

The cries, the screams

They're fleeing for their lives

While we sit safe inside

Land of the free

Home of the brave

A Trail of Tears runs through our history

America the Great

Built on the backs of slaves

Still have yet to right the wrongs we've made

We're making strides

But we're losing lives

We need to fight not one another

For each other

America, America

God shed His Grace on Thee

And crown Thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea

Always... Never...