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This album talk about pain and courage. It's about how you must manage to get life together when big problems hit you. It's about how people must survive in order to live.

We tend to think that our problem is bigger than others. We gave ourselves too much to consume. But the truth is, other people also have their own problems. All we do is cry in pain and anger. It's okay to cry, it's okay to be angry. But don't forget that yourself is bigger than your problem. No matter how big your problem is, your inner self is bigger than your problem.

This album tells a journey of a person. Sometimes you can walk away from something you dislike. Sometimes you can be the tiniest parasite on earth. Or you can be a soul sailor and sail for something that makes you happy. You think with your mind and you will conquer a happy and never ending journey.

Let us walk away. Let us be free and happy.

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